See the first man to design a convertible wooden car

See the first man to design a convertible wooden car

It came as a surprise to so many people when Ahmed Aliyu, a Nigerian who recently launched a convertible wooden car.

According to newsmen the car was built from pieces of woods. It sounds strange, right?

Aliyu went as far as installing wind screen, glass windows, car seat for comfort, seat belts, steering wheel, bumper and headlamps.

Hmm! This must be another form of “Nigeria got talent”.












Read AlsoGet to know just one reason your Mobile Phone reboots itself continuously

Get to know just one reason your Mobile Phone reboots itself continuously

Get to know just one reason your Mobile Phone reboots itself continuously

So many mobile phone users experience irritant rebooting of mobile phones ranging from android to iOS and to other operating systems.

A lot times when this mishap takes place we immediately run to mobile phone repairers, mobile phone vendors and even quacks.

Meanwhile when we visit phone repairers to lodge a complain that “my phone keeps rebooting itself without any touch on the button or response to a command prompt”. The phone repairer smiles because he has already seen a foolish end-user. He simply takes the advantage of extorting money from the foolish phone user.

However, the truth is that nothing is absolutely wrong with the device (mobile phone). It simply ran out of memory space.

Here is how to go about solving the problem;

Step 1.

Turn off the phone and remove the memory card if you can locate it.




Step 2

Get a computer up and running, locate a memory card adapter for the memory card, it could be in SD or USB. Insert the memory card into the memory card adapter and insert it into the SD Card slot of your computer.

In case your adapter is attached to a USB, insert the USB cable into the USB port of your computer.

Step 3

Delete unwanted files in these formats; (.mpeg, .pdf, .doc, .mp3, .mov, .3gp, .xlsx etc.) or programs from the memory card.

Step 4

The moment you are through, insert the memory card back into the phone and power on the phone. You will be surprised the phone will stop rebooting itself. After all said and done, uninstall unwanted programs from your phone to create more space in the phone. It’s that simply.

Congratulations! Post a comment if it was really helpful.

Read AlsoDelos Santos death one of many minors causes tension in Philippines

Delos Santos death one of many minors causes tension in Philippines

Delos Santos death one of many minors causes tension in Philippines

Police say they shot Kian Loyd delos Santos, 17, in self-defence after he opened fire on officers conducting an anti-drug operation in his neighborhood in northern Metro Manila.

According to Reuters, Erwin Lachica, is the welder who saw three men in civilian clothes enter the area on two motorbikes. Lachica said he recognized them from previous police operations as they were with handguns.

A police report identified three officers involved in the shooting: Arnel Oares, Jeremias Pereda and Jerwin Cruz.

Meanwhile Lachica said the men grabbed delos Santos outside a shop near his home, slapping and punching him until he cried. Then they put him in a headlock and dragged him away. There was no gun-battle.

CCTV footage shows two men marching a person identified by witnesses as delos Santos through a nearby basketball court. A third man follows.     

Victor, one of the witnesses, said he saw the men take delos Santos towards the river. He dared not follow: “We were very scared.”

Delos Santos was taken to a dark, trash-clogged alley by the river. Rene, who lived nearby, said he heard a man ordering residents to stay inside. Then there were two bursts of gunfire, perhaps ten shots in all. “We hid under the table,” he said.                                                                             Presidential spokesman Ernesto Abella said the death of Kian Loyd delos
Santos was an “isolated” case.

But the Children’s Legal Rights and Development Center (CLRDC), a Manila-based advocacy group, says delos Santos was one of 54 minors, aged 1 to 17, killed during Duterte’s drug war.

They were either shot dead during police operations, deliberately or accidentally, or by unidentified gunmen, said the CLRDC.

“That’s good … If we can only kill 32 every day, then maybe we can reduce what ails this country.” On August 16, Duterte praised the deadly raids in Bulacan Province.

While Duterte’s drug war has earned international condemnation, Filipinos largely support the campaign and domestic opposition to it has been patchy.

Duterte has told his police chief to jail the officers involved in the delos Santos killing until an inquiry is conducted. He has also vowed to continue the drug war.

“If you want, shoot me,” he said. “But I will not change my policy.”

This is really a far cry, when police kill minors instead of going after the drug lords. It’s injustice of the highest order.

These police officers should never go unpunished if the crime committed is true.

Source: Reuters

Read AlsoSamsung leader Jay Y. Lee gets five-year jail sentence for bribery

Samsung leader Jay Y. Lee gets five-year jail sentence for bribery

Samsung leader Jay Y. Lee gets five-year jail sentence for bribery

Crimes from bribery to purgatory, landing the Samsung business mogul a 5-year jail term in the latest chapter of South Korea’s sweeping national scandals.

Group leader Jay Y. Lee is found guilty in a string of charges in a Seoul Court on Friday for his role in a case that had ex-president Park Geun-hye impeached .

The Prosecutor say Lee gave bribe of nearly 40 million dollars for political favours. Though there was a  push for a 12-year sentence but Lee ended up having half of that . This seems to be the heaviest punishment ever handed to a leading business South Korean family who for years were seen as almost untouchable.

An activist in Soeul say “this is a key turning point for the country. In the past this family were not prosecuted and have never received a jail term when they commit crime but this time, the ruling suggest that they will not go scot-free anymore and bad behaviour will not be condoned because somebody made a big contribution to the country’s economy”.

Hundreds gathered outside the court, some in support of Lee while others against him. A protester had this to say;

“I believe that punishing him properly is the beginning of breaking down the bad customs of this country.” 

According to a report, Lee’s lawyer will appeal the ruling but the court is not expected to grant bail while Lee is now back in the Seoul detention center were he has been since February 2017. Also locked up in the same place, former President Park will now be sweating out her own verdict in October.

Today’s ruling says that Park colluded with her friend in receiving bribes. Will she get out of this now a verdict has been passed on Lee? As it stands Park might face an uphill battle.

The former South Korean president faces more than ten years in a
prison cell.




Akwa Ibom State Governor, Mr. Udom Emmanuel, has tasked the Nigerian Navy on increased security presence in the shorelines to boost the confidence of  investors in the state.

Governor Emmanuel gave the task when the Commandant of the Naval War College (NWC), Ubima, Rivers State, Rear Admiral Thaddeus Udofia, led participants of Course 1, of the College, on a courtesy visit on him in Government House, Uyo.

The Governor said that there are several investors with interest to make contributions to the development of the state, adding that the Nigerian Navy has the obligation of providing further security to the shoreline states by ensuring the establishment of another Naval War College in Akwa Ibom State.

“Akwa  Ibom is a State with the longest shoreline in the country, it is this shoreline that gives Nigeria the largest crude oil exported from the country. This means that the investment of Nigeria is greatest in our  shoreline, so we need the Naval protection more than any other place”, Emmanuel stated.

Emmanuel noted that the presence of the Nigerian Navy can also be made significant with the commencement of academic activities at the Nigerian Navy Technical School, expressing enthusiasm to address the first batch of students to be admitted into the school and mentioned that the Nigerian Army has already conducted aptitude test and interview for admissions  into their Command School, in Efa, Etinan Local Government Area.

The State Chief Executive acknowledged that the theme selected for the Course 1 participants on study tour of the state, “Combating Maritime Security Challenges Towards Socio-economic  Development”, was apt, in view of the present threats to the economic life of those who depend solely on the shoreline for their livelihood, adding, “your presence will ensure that the  socio-economic life of people in those  areas are sustained”, while commending the collaboration of security agencies in the state.

In his remarks, the Commandant of the NWC, Rear Admiral Udofia, said that the Naval Institution was primarily established to train selected naval officers and other security personnel within Nigeria and other nations, to acquire competence in leadership, managerial roles and command responsibilities on operational warfare.

Commandant of the Naval War College (NWC), Ubima, Rear Admiral Thaddeus Udofia & Governor Udom Emmanuel

Udofia noted, “the  training was premised on the dynamism and increasing complexities of contemporary global security environment which require innovative approaches that emphasize on the combination of sound leadership philosophy and experience“.

He explained that the curriculum of the NWC  has been structured to deliver on the objectives of the college, using study tour of selected states for participants to ascertain the commitment of state governments to maritime security, stressing that “the mission of the college is to train officers to make sound decisions in the application of maritime force as a policy option”.

Gov. Udom Emmanuel with Rear Admiral Thaddeus Udofia and Course 1 Participants

The Naval College boss disclosed that in recognition of the noble achievements of the Governor Emmanuel-led administration and support on security, Akwa Ibom has been penciled as one of the two States selected for a study tour by Course 1 participants of the college. He assured that the course participants will present recommendations to further enhance socio-economic activities in the  state, commending the governor on purposeful leadership while appreciating him for the warm reception accorded the team.

By Evelyn-A. Ibanga

Read AlsoIPOB denies setting up a standing army for agitated biafraland

IPOB denies setting up a standing army for agitated biafraland

IPOB denies setting up a standing army for agitated biafraland

The IPOB publicity secretary Emma Powerful has debunked insinuations that it has set up a standing army.

According to Mr. Powerful, its established vigilance group, Biafra Security Service, BSS, would only gather intelligence and ensure that criminal elements do not compromise the safety and welfare of people residing in Biafraland.

Powerful said that members of the group were naturally peace loving people. He also dismissed as untrue the story that made the rounds that the leader of the group, Mr. Nnamdi Kanu, made uniforms for members of the vigilance group.

“Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of IPOB, did not sew any uniform for these volunteers erroneously called Biafra soldiers. There is no standing Biafra Army and we emphasize the word NO. We have security volunteers just like you have vigilance groups. IPOB is legitimately concerned about the well being and safety of Biafrans all over the world.”

Meanwhile, Abia State police commissioner Adeleye Oyebade  has warned at a press briefing in Umuahia, the state capital that those behind the security network, which he described as “unlawful and illegal” to retrace their steps.

In Oyebade’s statement, the Nigerian constitution recognizes only the Nigerian Police, Nigeria Army and the Department of State Service. He said that any other group claiming to be providing security without the backing of the constitution was illegal.
Hmm! this is very serious.

Blockchain introduces Ether into its software platform

Blockchain introduces Ether into its software platform

Blockchain, the world’s leading software platform for digital assets have introduced ether into its wallet for users.

Users are very exited as they now have bitcoin and ether integrated into the Blockchain wallet.

This was made public last Thursday as the brand cares deeply about building products users love.

“Today, we’re excited to announce that you can now seamlessly store, send, and receive ether from within the Blockchain wallet. By adding ether as a new currency, we’re providing users with a new diverse way to interact with the digital economy.”

Using the same user-friendly interface, users can seamlessly toggle between bitcoin and ether.

According to the public announcement on its website, the ether experience will mirror the bitcoin experience users would love.

Its software has powered over 100 million transactions and empowered over 16 million users across the globe to transact quickly and without costly intermediaries.

Read AlsoAsari Dokubo accuses Buhari of wishing him dead in his hate speech

Asari Dokubo accuses Buhari of wishing him dead in his hate speech

Asari Dokubo accuses Buhari of wishing him dead in his hate speech

Asari Dokubo the ex-militant says the media is lying about the rousing welcome received by President Buhari in Nigeria the day he came back from his medical leave.

According to the former militant, the fictitious amount of crowd announced by the media was exaggerated. He said the total number was not up to 5,000 persons.

He shared his thought by saying Buhari’s due date of staying in London had elapsed, that was the reason he came back to nigeria.

Charly Boy alias AreaFada posted a video recorded by Asari Dokubo commending him for his bravery and that he now believed in his earlier protest in Abuja.

asari dokubo

Asari’s comments transcribed in pigin language reads;

“… The whole crowd wey dey here no even reach 5,000. Dem pursue em go home. Buhari go home, Buhari go home. Na hin run come o. Una just dey waste una time dey talk nonesense. Him e no wish other people dead? If we wish em dead, wetin una go do us? Him no wish me dead, him no wish other people dead. Na God na him dey give life, na God na him dey take life …” 

Watch video :

Haha! this is expected  as nigerians will be seeing more of this from the ex-militant leader.

Read AlsoCharlyBoy the AreaFada writes an open letter to President Buhari

CharlyBoy the AreaFada writes an open letter to President Buhari

CharlyBoy the AreaFada writes an open letter to President Buhari

CharlyBoy as fondly called AreaFada, few hours ago posted on his twitter handle an excerpt of the open letter written to President Buhari.

Read details below;

Dear Mr. President sir,

When I learned that you would be returning yesterday, I was glad because it means you eventually listened to our cries and yearnings. You have returned at a time when our country needs you most to surmount the crucibles battering us as a people and a nation. Though for a very steep price, we never allowed our voices to go unheard and we are glad you ultimately listened to us.

 You have returned at a time when our great country is battling a slew of disastrous storms. This is a difficult time in our national history where insightful and sagacious leadership is greatly required. Now that you are back stronger, I would like you to become the rescuer that our country terribly needs at this trying time. 

 As you may know, millions of students are currently at home doing nothing because their schooling was suddenly disrupted by the decision of their disgruntled lecturers to go on an indefinite strike. Some of these students are 3months away from becoming a graduate. This is the time to rekindle their hope before they become a nonentity to themselves and the society. You must expediently attend to our ever-debilitating education sector, massively increase the budget for education and treat not only the ministers and permanent secretaries but also the lecturers and school heads aright. If the lecturers are well paid and paid as at when due, they will gleefully impart knowledge into our children who will become the leaders of this great nation tomorrow. 

Ensuing from my research, no Nigerian university is currently among the top 20 universities in Africa. This is a shame for a country touted as the Giant of Africa. We must raise the standard of our education sector tremendously. A country with a vibrant education is a country with a bright future. By investing massively in education, we indubitably bolster productivity in our economy and also transformational innovations that would avail our country. 

Further to this Mr. President, one of the most pernicious threats beleaguering us today is insecurity of lives and properties. We are constantly being battered and forced to the grim reaper by different monsters in different quarters of the nation. In the north, the Boko Haram sect, Fulani herdsmen, the October 1st Ultimatum and the IPOB agitation still depredating lives and properties. The people in other parts of the country are not safe either. Kidnappers are increasing by the day and hoodlums are flooding the streets every other day. This is the time to deliver on the mandate the Nigerian people gave to you. I believe that you will take every necessary step to quickly bring an end to these national threats just as you work assiduously towards exterminating the perennial economic hardship besetting the country.

I wish you long life and sound health Mr. President. Once again, you are welcome.

Areafada (CharlyBoy)

President of all Frustrated Nigerians

Wow! great content, great delivery, it was unexpected as it was not antagonistic this time around.




As part of his administration’s industrialisation drive, Governor Udom Emmanuel has disclosed that arrangements have been concluded for the establishment of tomato puree processing factory in the state.

The governor who made the disclosure while on inspection tour of food crops and vegetable green houses set up by the State Government said the tomatoes harvested from the green houses and other parts of the state will serve as raw material for the factory.

Emmanuel said his administration was embarking on various agricultural initiatives with a view to crashing food prices in the state.

According to Emmanuel, “Right now we do not want to produce for export, we want to produce for local market so that our people can eat and eat well at a very affordable price”.

He remarked that the high yielding seedlings cultivated  in the greenhouse will also create wealth for the state, adding that already, the cucumber cultivated in the facility would be ready for harvesting in September.

If you look at the quality of food we have here, every single naira invested here will be realized within a short period of time, the tomatoes were planted exactly one month ago and by September, we should be harvesting the cucumber.

“The whole idea is to transfer technology within a short period. 90 to 95 percent of people working here are Akwa Ibom people and by the time they will leave here, they should be able to set up their own farm”, Governor Emmanuel asserted.

On the cattle ranch in Adadia, in Uruan Local Government Area, Emmanuel explained that the facility, which is expected to cater for 2000 herds of cattle arriving the state from Mexico, was a fully integrated cattle farm that will produce milk, cheese, meat, hide and for various economic uses.

He remarked that the special grasses intended for feeding the cows, have been planted in about 100 hectres of land, noting that the processed  grasses will provide nutrition to the cattle, to ensure that the people got “better quality meat than what is in the market”.

The Governor added that the ranch project is one of the many agriculture-based interventions of his administration aimed at reducing unemployment for Akwa Ibom youths as well as improve the lifestyle and living conditions of the people.

“Human growth is about the lifestyle, we are interested in the lives of our people from start to finish. In other parts of the world, people no longer drink evaporated milk, they drink fresh milk, so, as a good leader, you have to be interested in what your people eat.

Leadership is about vision and creativity, this land could have laid  wasted but the ranch will provide employment  to a lot of Akwa Ibom youths. We also want to be the state that minimum of 80 percent of what we eat, is produced here”, he enthused.

Earlier, the consultant of the greenhouse project, Mr. Cobus San Carlos, stated that the greenhouse provide adequate chlorophyll to plants as well as control the external factors that may negatively affect the growth of plants. 

Cobus explained that the hydroponic system used in the greenhouses, was a cheaper way of cultivating high yielding crops which are not only nutritious but also affordable.

He applauded the state government for taking the initiative to consider the future of its people by putting modalities in place to provide well nourished and affordable food to people across the state.

By Evelyn-A. Ibanga

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