Fear of the unknown from the “Great Wall of China”

Fear of the unknown from the “Great Wall of China”

Facebook, YouTube and Google the three most popular websites cannot be accessed in China due to internet firewall nicknamed “The Great Wall of China”. In China an army of government workers blocked and filtered the internet in the world’s biggest censorship operation ever recorded in the history of internet security.

China’s 731 million internet users now have restrictions over politically sensitive events. During a communist party congress in October, China closed out its online crack-down, blocking america’s messaging service ‘WhatApp’ and clamping down on virtual private networks VPNs commonly used to get around the great firewall. At one stage even “Winnie the Pooh” was banned after bloggers used cartoon character to depict Chinese President Xi Jinping and the word “Toad” was forbidden on ‘Weibo’ a Chinese micro-blogging platform where a giant inflatable yellow Toad in Beijing was compared to former president Jiang Zemin.

According to newsmen at least 50,000 people are employed as censors, filtering out keywords and blocking websites disapproved by the Chinese government. There is also an Army of social media influencers who by one estimate post 480 million pro-government comments a year. Chinese government was left with no choice than to order Tech and Telecoms companies to enforce firewall rules or face severe punishment.

Statistically, China is one of the worst abuses of internet freedom according to “Freedom House” an independent watchdog organization that supports the expansion of freedom around the world. The aim of the censorship is to keep China’s web free of foreign influence while president Xi Jinping calls it “cyber-sovereignty“.

On the contrary, most countries regulate the internet to some extent like banning websites that promotes hates. With more than half of its 1.4 billion population online, China argues that it wants to protect social order and national security. What a rash decision from the government!

Chinese critics argues “The Great Firewall of China” reflects its distrust over the internet’s potential to spread opposition to one-party rule that limits free speech, stifling innovation and prevents the spread of important ideas. If other countries follows China’s example, the reason for internet as an unrestricted global exchange of information will be in jeopardy.

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Gordon Banks reacts to rumour online concerning a pronounced death

Gordon Banks reacts to rumour online concerning a pronounced death

For over 24 hours, there has been rumour making rounds concerning Gordon Banks exit from the world beyond. Here is an earlier online report by miscreants:

England international football goalkeeper, Gordon Banks has died. He died Wednesday afternoon at his home in Sheffield, England. He was 79. 

His death was confirmed by his spouse, Ursula, who said the England World Cup-winning goalkeeper battled with kidney cancer for years. “He lost one kidney to the disease 12 years ago and was on medication with the other kidney affected,” the wife said.

Meanwhile Gordon last night, has reacted over this rumour. According to the ex-international on tweeter, “Gordon is alive & well. The nasty rumour online is upsetting for the family. HE IS AT HOME AND FINE rt please.” 


Gordon Banks, OBE is a former England international football goalkeeper. He made 628 appearances during a 15-year career in the Football League, and won 73 caps for his country.

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Puerto Rico NY State Senator response to Donald Trump

Puerto Rico NY State Senator response to Donald Trump

Following the devastation left behind by Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico, so many Americans are not happy with Donald Trump’s administration.

Gustavo Rivera a state senator has openly sent a message to Donald Trump declaring his stand on the way the US President is handling highly sensitive issues. His open message reads;

My name is Gustavo Rivera, I am a state senator in the Bronx, 33rd District in the Bronx. I am born and raise in Puerto Rico. I have family who is still down there. I have many, many, Puerto Rican constituents. I want to show you something. This right here, it says; “Puerto Rico isla delencanto.” It was made for me by a senior, by the name of Wilfredo Santiago Delgado. All I can think about is that there is a senior just like him in Bayamon, where my parents are from or Comerio where they were born or other parts of island that are in need of dialysis, that needs medical attention that has not been provided to them, that have not eaten or had food, for one , two, three, four, twelve days. That’s what I think about.

I think it is disgraceful that this administration continues to show it’s complete inability to deal with such a complicated matter. The fact is that people in Puerto Rico needs assistance. They need it now . They do not need positioning. They do not need someone with such a fragile ego, worried more about whether someone is attacking him. We should worry about the Wilfred Santiagos of the world. They need help. They need assistance. They need it now.

Meanwhile hip-hop star Sean Diddy Combs has joined in the campaign for Puerto Ricans as he tweets “Our brothers and sisters in Puerto Rico need us! Let’s rise by lifting up others.” Also joining in the cry is a young lad Ryan Lawrie who in his tweets said “Gimme shelter”. 

Is Donald Trump listening to all these cries or he is busy tweeting about respecting and standing for America’s National Anthem? What is going on?

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Barca’s Pique in trouble for supporting Catalan independence referendum

Barca’s Pique in trouble for supporting Catalan independence referendum

Gerrard Pique is in trouble for not separating football from politics. This came as result of Sunday’s Catalan independence referendum creating so much tension in Spain.

According to BBC report, Spanish fans booed Barcelona’s Pique at a football training session, jeering and whistling at the Barcelona defender before Friday’s World Cup qualifier against Albania in Alicante. This is very ridiculous or is there no freedom of expression in democracy?

Fans chanted “Get out!” at the centre-back for supporting Sunday’s Catalan independence referendum in Spain which was declared illegal.

Meanwhile many Catalans are angry over police violence during the vote as 900 people were wounded according to the Catalan authorities.

Consequently, there had been speculation that Barcelona FC may suspend some of its La Liga matches this week.

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LAS VEGAS gunfire threatens people from attending social events

LAS VEGAS gunfire threatens people from attending social events

A lone gunman at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas shut at a crowd of 22,000 at the country music festival. New York Times reported that 59 people were killed while more than 520 injured.

Thousands of concert spectators found themselves as targets, many lay flat, having no idea were the gunfire gutted from.

A reporter in NY Times Thomas Gibbons-Neff who served in the US as a military man for 4 years analysed the gunfire as a weapon that was setup automatically, maybe modified for some reasons. He said it was an uninterrupted chain of gunfire, an automated type of gun. Hmm! the gunfire man must be a lunatic. As at the time of this report the gunfire man has not been arrested.

The question is, ‘What is  happening in America’? As it stands this unforeseen has sent a wrong signal to fun loving people around the world.

An interview with concert goers has revealed that the scene has put so much fears on the minds of concert attendees at large.

In America this could be a very bad omen for musicians who make their living out of tours and concerts. This seems to be heart breaking to so many musicians around the globe.

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How to fix “Blue Screen of Death” on Windows Operating System

How to fix “Blue Screen of Death” on Windows Operating System

People often experience blue screen of death due to so many reasons like malfunctioned hardware, bad boot sector or shutting down a computer abruptly.

One of these three which could be provocative is shutting down a computer or laptop abruptly while windows update is on-going. Recently a colleague of mine was about to leave the office at the close of work while windows update was on-going. Due to lack of patience, she turned off the computer without following computer shutdown procedure. To her greatest dismay she came to work the next day and tried booting her computer. What she saw was a “blue screen of death” meaning her operating system had crashed. In a bid to solving her problem all option proved abortive.

This should sound as a note of warning to any computer user using windows operating system; Never turn off your computer when windows update is on-going. You may not be able to accomplish the repair process.

Here are the steps on how to fix the blue screen of death:

Step 1
Turn on the Computer device, If it’s HP computer, press down the Function Key F8 and hold till it shows up the window below “Advanced Boot Options“;  

Step 2
Use the down arrow key or up arrow key to highlight Repair, then hit ‘Enter‘ key to select ‘Repair‘. Wait for windows to finish loading files. Hit the next command button on “System Recovery Options” dialog as displayed on the screenshot below.     












Step 3

Select “Startup Repair” to start the repair process as displayed below;



Step 4

Allow the operating system to repair itself. The moment the process is complete, click on the ‘Finish’ command button for the computer to reboot itself. After these steps, the operating system shows up the normal windows login screen. This means that you are good to go as the “Blue Screen of Death” is eliminated.

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