FIFA releases procedure for the World Cup final draw

FIFA releases procedure for the World Cup final draw

As the football fiesta draws closer, FIFA yesterday publish on its website a detailed procedure on how the long anticipated final draw will take.

According to the publication, the October 2017 edition of the FIFA/Coca-Cola World Ranking has been used to allocate all qualified teams to the four pots in descending order, with the best seven teams along with hosts Russia in pot 1.

The draw sequence will start with pot 1 and end with pot 4. Each pot will be completely emptied before moving on to the next. As per the standard procedure, a ball from a team pot will be drawn, followed by a ball from one of the group pots, thus determining the position in which the respective team will play.

Further considerations

In pot 1, Russia will have a red ball and will be pre-assigned the position of A1 as host.

The remaining seven teams in pot 1 will automatically be drawn into position 1 of each group (B to H), whereas teams in pots 2, 3 and 4 will be drawn into positions randomly in their groups.

FIFA’s general principle is to ensure that no group has more than one team from the same qualification zone drawn into it. This is applicable to all zones except Europe, which is represented by 14 teams. Each group must have at least one but no more than two European teams drawn into it. As such, six out of the eight groups will feature two European teams.

The distribution of the teams into the groups according to the geographic separation principle will be monitored by a system designed to take all parameters into account, which means that groups may be skipped. For example, Peru, Colombia and Uruguay, which are in pot 2, will not be drawn into the same group with Brazil or Argentina, which are in pot one. The same principle will apply to the teams from the other confederations with the exception of UEFA.

The FIFA World Cup Russia 2018 final draw is scheduled for December 1, 2017.

Read AlsoGreatest calamity that befell Africa in the last 20 years

Greatest calamity that befell Africa in the last 20 years

Greatest calamity that befell Africa in the last 20 years

Femi Fani-Kayode also known as FFK is at it again with the greatest calamity that befell Africa in the last 20 years.

In his latest tweet he described the calamity that befell Africa using Libya and Nigeria as case study but forgetting Uganda – Indiami. Fani-Kayode’s thoughts would definitely come as a shock. Is he another prophet of his generation? How sure is he? Read the tweet;

“The greatest calamity that befell Africa in the last 20 years was the murder of Muammar Ghadaffi in Libya.” 

“The second was the coming to power of Muhammadu Buhari in Nigeria.”

“The full implications of these 2 tragic, monumental and cataclysmic events are yet to be seen.”

Interestingly people’s comments kept creeping in like whirlwind. This time around the missiles came in with so much force. Here are people’s opinion on FFK’s post;

“These two are nothing compared to the calamity of Jonathan at the helm of affairs in Nigeria, ill advised, and surrounded by sycophants like your royal highness for at least 4 years.”

Here on this tweet FFK is described as one of the sycophants that surrounded the former President of Nigeria, Goodluck Jonathan.

“You cannot separate FFK from the wrath my brother. He was part of the GEJ misadventure.” 

“Just when I was starting to praise you for ur last Tweet, u just spoil everything with this one 🙍 FFK don fk”  

“The greatest anger of all angers awaits u the day Buhari’s 2nd coming to power will be televised,aired & posted for you to watch,hear & read.” 

“How is Buhari coming to power in Nigeria a calamity…well u have a point sir, since u are the looters of our resources and PMB is anti corruption crusader. His coming to power to power is nothing but an headache to u bloody LOTEERS.Awon Ole” 

Meanwhile, some quarters have described FFK’s ideas as loads of old rubbish. One can’t imagine what he could be thinking right now.

Read AlsoDonald Trump searches for a winner of Fake News Trophy

Donald Trump searches for a winner of Fake News Trophy

Donald Trump searches for a winner of Fake News Trophy

Donald Trump is out again. Now it’s a battle between the President of America and media outfits around the world.

Few minutes ago Donald Trump tweeted throwing a question to the floor for an answer.

According to Trump; ” We should have a contest as to which of the Networks, plus CNN and not including Fox, is the most dishonest, corrupt and/or distorted in its political coverage of your favorite President (me). They are all bad. Winner to receive the FAKE NEWS TROPHY!”

Very seriously, this appears to be an open attack to media houses all over the world. According to Trump, all media organizations are bad including CNN. However, the exclusion of FOX News was not clearly stated.

Interesting he had a quick response from followers who disagreed wit his thoughts completely. Unfortunately for Trump, the missiles released from spontaneous harsh responses were off the hook. A follower suggested he gets the trophy for “dishonesty or corruption”

“You know a lot about dishonesty or corruption, so you should get the trophy.”

Meanwhile another follower describes Trump as someone with a symptom of psychiatric condition.

“You are delusional! Just no words. Why am I even surprised?!” Haha! Could this be true?  See more comments below; 

“Not including Fox? It’s because you already know they’d lose, right? And you’re not my favorite. Never have been, never will be. Wait, I’m turning up the volume on @CNN and @cnni – the only news I trust. GTH” 

“We should have a contest like that horrendous show The Apprentice. Instead of hosting, you can come on and get fired for the deplorable things you say and your inherent disrespect for the office you hold.”

Meanwhile an observer from a distance describes Donald Trump’s action as disgraceful and should be called to order. It read;

“At what point does it become clear to Americans that something is seriously and horribly wrong with their president mentally and collectively work towards institutionalising him? This is a disgrace! Sad!” 

On the contrary he got over 38,000 likes for the tweet. But will the President ever learn from hate speeches on social media?

Read AlsoRegina Daniels vindicated after the arrest of a fraudster

Regina Daniels vindicated after the arrest of a fraudster

Regina Daniels vindicated after the arrest of a fraudster

Regina Daniels a Nollywood actress yesterday took time out to roll out a video clip of a fraudster who has being using her name to dupe people.

This is coming after a blogger Amanda Chisom had accused Regina of leaking her friend’s nudes if the latter refuses to sleep with a movie producer for roles.

Amanda had also promised to reveal the identity of the filmmaker who she claims sleeps with younger actresses in exchange for movie roles.

The picture of the fraudster who Regina early posted on her Instagram page was arrested yesterday and taken to A Division in Asaba, Delta State.

Her earlier post read;

“I am not going to dignify this boy posing as a producer(richy Adams) using my name to dupe people. He’s already wanted by the police. In this picture, is the said producer possibly posing with one of his victims. I wonder how many more would have fallen for him. I just found out on the said reginadanielsfanpage a picture I took with him, I can’t even remember his face, he probably came as a fan to take pictures with me so he can dupe his victims easily which I believe is been operated by him. I have nothing to the with any Reginadanielsfanpage or any Regina Daniels account apart from my verified account. WARNING: I don’t run a production house. As for the Facebook blogger that started all this drama online, I hope you have gotten your 1 min traffic on ur page, that is if you are not the one operating the fake accounts. Meanwhile…as you don decide to hawk my matter for head like gala, I dey mama put for Ojuelegba dey eat hot pepper rice.”

Just last night Regina Daniels posted a video clip of the criminal parading himself as a producer in police custody.

She could not hide her joy by thanking God for vindicating her as her name was being dragged to the mode. See her complete Instagram post.

“1st of all, THANK YOU LORD for vindicating me. I also want to say a big thank you to all my fans who stood by me…Back to the issue at hand …the said producer has been caught with his accomplice. He was tracked by one of his victims who came to my location because she was also duped. In his laptop we found a lot of nude pictures of different girls, I believe are his victims as well. We also found 5 registered SIM cards of which 4 are for nollywood actors and a book where he wrote the names of the people that registered with him. His victims are 73 in number and they paid 25k each. 2 of his victims were found in his house when he was caught at 5am this morning. Meanwhile, Aunty Amanda (self acclaimed blogger) you are needed at the police station. Pls gently cat walk to the A Division in asaba to prove your accusations. I will leave this here for… HE WHO FIGHTS ME, FIGHTS GOD.”

Regina ended her post by calling on Amanda the self acclaimed blogger to report to A-Division police station at Asaba to prove her accusations.

Obviously, this blogger is in trouble for publishing stories without backups.

Read AlsoOscar Pistorius murder sentence increased from 6 to 13 years

Oscar Pistorius murder sentence increased from 6 to 13 years

Oscar Pistorius murder sentence increased from 6 to 13 years

Oscar Pistorius jail sentence has being increased from six years to thirteen years and five months for the murder of his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp.

Throw-back picture of Reeva Steenkamp and Oscar Pistorius in 2013

The south supreme court of appeal increased the jail term after state argued that his original term of six years was “shockingly lenient”.

Meanwhile some quarters have argued that he should have been issued a lifetime imprisonment.

According to newsmen, the athlete was in jail as at the time of the recent ruling.

Recall that Pistorius was jailed in July 2016 after being found guilty in the murder of 29-year-old Steenkamp on Valentine’s Day 2013.

It’s very strange Pistorius has not being given a life sentence following the murder of an innocent woman. Who actually issued him licence to possess a gun? What a wicked world we live in!

Read Also: Peter Okoye former PSquare introduces a manger for his new brand


Peter Okoye former PSquare introduces a manger for his new brand

Peter Okoye former PSquare introduces a manger for his new brand

Peter Okoye of PSquare now Mr. P yesterday posted on his Instagram page introducing his new manager following the disintegration of the duo PSquare.

From all indication, the multi-talented artist has decided to put the past behind him following the misunderstanding he had with his two brothers Jude Okoye and Paul Okoye over finance and other undisclosed issues.

Interestingly ever since he decided to go solo, his followers on social media have increased tremendously within the past few weeks.

It came as a shock just Yesterday when Mr. P introduced Emem the former rap artist in a group called Kush that went extinct.

See how Mr. P introduced his new manager;



“Formal introduction! Meet my manager Emem. Welcome to the PClassic team. Her contact details on my bio.” 

Hmm! This must be a shabby way of introducing someone who will be managing your resources. Funny enough, it could be the only way he knows how to do a ‘Formal’ introduction.

Some of his fans reacted negatively while some gave positive reactions. On the other hand some fans are hoping Emem of KUSH will be a better manager as Mr. P and ‘Rudeboy’ Paul Okoye go their separate way.

Read AlsoOba of Benin task Federal Government on security in Edo State

Oba of Benin task Federal Government on security in Edo State

Oba of Benin task Federal Government on security in Edo State

The Oba of Benin Kingdom, HRM, Omo N’Oba N’Edo Uku Akpolokpolo, Oba Ewuare II has called on President Muhammadu Buhari to come to the aid of Edo State in tackling security. He also called on the relevant authorities to reflect on the roles played by the traditional institution in the Nigeria Constitution.

The Benin Monarch who made his position known on Thursday when he called on President Buhari at the Aso Rock Villa in Abuja said it is sad that the role of traditional rulers who play stabilizing and developmental role particularly at the grass-root is not captured at the country’s law book.

In an address made available to newsmen after a private meeting with the
President, the Oba of Benin said the traditional institution in Nigeria is ready to offer support to compliment government’s effort to strengthen the unity and development of the nation.

The Benin Monarch also seized the opportunity of the visit to draw the attention of the president to some developmental issues that need urgent attention in Edo State. He called for the completion for the Benin-Auchi road dualization project, provision of tight security as well as curtailing human trafficking activities in Edo State.

Hmm! the rate of armed robbery operation in Edo State is extremely high in comparison with other states of the federation and it won’t be a surprise if Edo State has the highest crime rate in a whole.

Read Also: Missing submarine running low on oxygen

Missing submarine running low on oxygen

Missing submarine running low on oxygen

The search for a missing Argentine submarine is in a critical phase as the
crew’s oxygen supply runs low.

ARP San Juan went missing in the South Atlantic on 15 November with 44 crew on board but it only has seven days of oxygen.  It was last seen roughly 268 miles off the coast.

Meanwhile experts say the submarine knows it has to surface when it does not have communication with the land for this long.

Navy spokesman Enrique Balbi said the situation was “very dangerous”.

NASA has aided in the  search with a P-3 Orion aircraft that was in the area doing research.

Read AlsoChancellor Philip Hammond faces series of post-budget questions


Chancellor Philip Hammond faces series of post-budget questions

Chancellor Philip Hammond faces series of post-budget questions

Philip Hammond, British Conservative Party politician and Chancellor of the Exchequer is facing questions after yesterday’s budget.

According to Labour MPs, his stamp duty cut is a “gimmick” which will help those in London but do nothing for people in cheaper areas. Obviously this stamp duty cut looks like what will favor only the elites.

Some Conservative MPs will ask Hammond about OBR forecasts that UK will pay the 3.5bn pounds euro in the year after Brexit.

Meanwhile Labour shadow chancellor John McDonnell is against this “gimmick” adding that front-line public sector workers “won’t be particularly happy” with the budget. He said, apart from NHS staff, there was “nothing” for other public sector workers.

McDonnell added that the budget was more about Hammond “saving his job” than addressing the underlying problems of the economy. Isn’t that cowardice? So who is deceiving who?  He says there is “disarray” in the Cabinet which means the UK won’t get a decent deal from the EU.

Read AlsoMel Gibson finally speaks out on sexual harassment in movie industries

Mel Gibson finally speaks out on sexual harassment in movie industries

Mel Gibson finally speaks out on sexual harassment in movie industries

Mel Gibson, an American actor and filmmaker has commented on the basket load of sexual harassment allegations against Harvey Weinstein while promoting his latest film, Daddy’s Home 2, on an Irish late-night show over the weekend.

Recall that Kate Beckinsale, Lysette Anthony, Angelina Jolie and Gwyneth Paltrow are among more than 50 women who came forward with allegations ranging from rape to sexual harassment by movie mogul Harvey Weinstein as reported by BBC on October 28, 2017.

It would interest you to know that the 61-year-old pleaded no contest to the minor misdeed against his former girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva back in 2011. He’s been caught not only using racist language against her, but also against a Jewish police officer who pulled him over for drunk driving.

This must be crazy, right? Meanwhile when asked about the current state of Hollywood, Mel Gibson said:

“Your heart goes out to the victims, of course. And I’m glad that they spoke up. think it’s unfortunate that they have to relive the whole thing in order to heal themselves, and the rest of us are subjected to the problem. I think we really need to look at it, but it’s not just Hollywood. You don’t have to be in Hollywood to experience that kind of harassment.”

He went on to say he’s glad these men are being held accountable:

“Things got shaken up a little bit and there is a lot of light being thrown into places where there were shadows and that is kind of healthy. It’s painful, but I think pain is a precursor to change.”

Hmm! it’s very obvious these things are happening in all movie industries around the globe as Nollywood and Bollywood are no exceptions. There had been rumours here and their, that movie directors and producers go as far as forcing actresses to bed before giving them a movie role to play.

Well, a lot people feel Mel Gibson’s cry out would bring about sanity in movie industries but I really don’t think so until the right thing is done. It’s high time the perpetrators of these crimes are punished before it gets out of hand.

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