Why do so many African American women die giving birth in US?

Why do so many African American women die giving birth in US?

It’s no longer hidden that so many african american women die almost on daily basis during child bearing in the US. Just recently a mother, Patricia Shepherd of the victim said “mentally and physically, she was perfectly fine and she died in a hospital”, crying in agony for her lost daughter.

First of all she was a daughter, Domaniek was a sister, she was a mum. She was a beautiful black woman. She was a star that was zapped out of this world.

Domaniek had complications after giving birth to her son, Kollin. She
suffered massive blood loss. The hospital said they did everything they
could and she died of rare complications. She never woke up. She didn’t give
her family a chance to say anything to her. They saw her pass-on for the family to come and view. The family felt the hospital could have given a better explanation of what happened.

“More women are gonna die, I mean it’s just that simple if we don’t get a handle on this and turn it around, then more women are going to die,” were the words of Darline Turner, Pregnancy and Child Companion. She added that if african american women are dying 3 times the rate, then they have to look specifically into what this group is all about.

Even with seasoned medical specialist around, it’s very difficult to believe that such could happen. As maternity mortality rate is decreasing in developed countries, the reverse is the case in America. Some say, it’s worse in the US than under-developed countries.

A lot of campaigners say access to medical care is the cause of the problem. Hmm! Could it be that Barrack Obama made policies that affected access to medical facility in America? What is the world actually turning into?

According to BBC, Texas is the state with the highest rate of maternal mortality, it’s also the state with the highest proportion of people without health insurance. But Dr. John Hellerstedt, Texas Health Commissioner denies the allegation. He says the trend for increase chronic disease is really the fundamental underlined cause for the increase in maternity mortality rate.

Doctors keep telling the mothers of victims, life goes on after death. The fact is that if there is no real sense of urgency many more african american women will die. Donald Trump needs to wake up from his slumber.

Now Obama has gone, what then is Donald Trump doing to salvage the situation? Obviously african american women are most affected by this saga.

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New drug found to melt away heart-clogging fat with just one dose

New drug found to melt away heart-clogging fat with just one dose

Just recently mice have been tested with a drug found to melt away heart-clogging fat with one dose. According to researchers they saw artery fat deposits ‘melt away’ in mice after administering the drug on mice.

CNBC reports that the drug was originally developed to tackle cancer and diabetes as the next step for scientists is to begin human testing.

Researchers from the University of Aberdeen claim that just a single dose of the new drug Trodusquemine can completely reverse the effects of Atherosclerosis.

Atherosclerosis is a build up of cholesterol plaque in the walls of arteries, causing obstruction of blood flow. Plaques may rupture, causing acute occlusion of the artery by clot. Atherosclerosis often has no symptoms until a plaque ruptures or the build-up is severe enough to block blood flow. In clear terms, it is the condition that causes heart attacks and strokes.

Mirela Delibegovic, a professor at the university, who is helping to lead the study says all humans have some level of fatty streaks in their arteries which develop further with age.

Her team at the University of Aberdeen tested mice and found that those given either a single a dose or a regular treatment of Trodusquemine, then had less fatty plaques in their arteries. Delibegovic says;

These have only been tested at pre-clinical level, in mice, so far but the results were quite impressive and showed that just a single dose of this drug seemed to completely reverse the effects of arthrosclerosis.

Wow! great stride one would say. So many people are anxiously waiting to hear the great news when tested on humans. The drug is already undergoing separate trials for the treatments of breast cancer and diabetes, where it inhibits an enzyme called PTP1B.

The researchers found that it also stimulated the action of another protein (AMPK), which effectively mimics exercise and reduces chronic inflammation. The study to further investigate the drug’s effect on Atherosclerosis was funded by the British Heart Foundation.

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UNIBEN students in protest over death of a colleague in UBTH

UNIBEN students in protest over death of a colleague in UBTH

In Edo State, a cross section of students of the University of Benin UNIBEN on Thursday took to the street in protest over the death of their colleague whom they alleged died in the University of Benin Teaching Hospital UBTH.

The aggrieved students who protested from the university of Benin main gate to the UBTH gate alleged that a colleague identified as Azubike Gerrard, in 300 level of the department of Philosophy and Religion gave up the ghost as a result of negligence.

The leader of the group Agbolahor Manseh alleged it has become a common practice in the UBTH for doctors to demand from patients before obliging them medical services due to non-availability of basic medical facility.

His statement reads;

“We have issues where this student was not attended to. Just imagine last 2 weeks, a student of the department of philosophy and Religion, 300 level died after a surgery that took place on Thursday. He died on Friday of that very week and he was buried yesterday, which was the 10th. We are so disappointed that if you go to University of Benin Teaching Hospital, you are told to buy gloves, you are told to buy injections, you are told to go and buy every other consumable”.

He also alleged that the continued industrial dis-harmony in the institution has affected the quality of health care delivery as doctors, nurses and other health workers always exhibit nonchalant attitude due to poor welfare.

They called on the management of the hospital to improve on the relationship with the workers in the hospital so as to improve the quality of health care services given to the public.

Reacting to the allegation the chairman of the medical advisory committee of the University of Benin Teaching Hospital Dr. Kasime Omoemi said the UBTH has always being up and doing in the discharge of service to the public.

He said he cannot confirm or deny all the allegation that the student died in the hospital stressing that the relationship between the hospital management and UNIBEN has been very cordial.

What a terrible incidence one would say. It is very clear this does not happen only in UBTH but in most University Teaching Hospitals across Nigeria. We hope the government will do something about it.

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NHIS deletes 23000 ghost beneficiaries from its database

NHIS deletes 23000 ghost beneficiaries from its database

The National Health Insurance Scheme NHIS says it has deleted 23,000 ghost beneficiaries from its database.

They are said to have enjoyed the benefits of the scheme illegally.

The Executive Secretary of NHIS Prof. Usman Yusuf disclosed this in Abuja on Tuesday during the certification ceremony of the scheme’s information and Communication Technology Unit.

Speaking at the event the Deputy British High Commissioner to Nigeria Harriet Thompson said information Technology has a critical role to play in the delivery of government services to its citizens.

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FG orders NBC to inscribe on bottles the risk in product consumption

FG orders NBC to inscribe on bottles the risk in product consumption

The Federal Government of Nigeria has given an order to Nigeria Bottling Company NBC and other bottling companies in Nigeria to inscribe on bottles, the risk in consumption of their products. This will create an awareness to the public and the health implication of some ingredients in their product.

Government’s action is in conjunction with the judgment passed by the Lagos High Court that was brought forward by Fijabi Adebo Holdings Limited and others against Nigeria Bottling Company and National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control, NAFDAC.

The Director on Media and Public Relations, Ministry of Health, Mrs. Boade Akinola in a statement said the Minister of Health, Prof. Isaac had sermon the department of Food and Drug Services in the Federal Ministry of Health, NAFDAC and Standard Organisation of Nigeria SON to a meeting where health issues were addressed .

Immediately after the meeting, Nigerians were advised to ingest drugs and other medications with nothing other than water. This he said would prevent any drug reaction that is unknown to medical experts.

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NAFDAC warns Nigerians over Indian Garri sold in the market

NAFDAC warns Nigerians over Indian Garri sold in the market

The National Agency for Food and Drug Administration, NAFDAC begins investigation on the importation of “Indian garri” into Nigeria.

According to newsmen NAFDAC warns the general public to stay away from such product as it’s dangerous to health.

Minister of Health, Prof. Isaac Adewole who spoke on the issue on his twitter handle said 26 out of 500mg packets of the product were seized after a visit to a super market by the regulatory officials in Ikoyi on Monday, February 20, 2017.

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Ibom Specialist Hospital: Foreign Investors indicates interest to take over

Ibom Specialist Hospital: Foreign Investors indicates interest to take over

A group of foreign investors, Ashdeen Group, has indicated interest to take over and manage the Quaternary hospital at Itam, also known as Ibom Specialist Hospital.

The disclosure was made known, Tuesday by the Commissioner for Housing and Special Duties, Mr. Akan Okon while fielding questions from  newsmen at the Ibom Specialist. Shortly after he introduced a group of foreign investors, Ashdeen group to the current management of the hospital. Mr. Okon who held a joint meeting with the current management of the hospital and the foreign investors at the medical facility, explained why the state  government is partnering the private sector to run the facility.

His statement reads; “We still have certain aspect of the things that are supposed to be done in this hospital to make it fully functional. And like i said, given the present financial condition of the country and the state, that there is need to have the private sector coming“.

“So, it is the intention of the government of the state under His Excellency, Governor Udom Emmanuel to partner with the private sector to complete this beautiful project, so that it can be fully put to use. As you can see and have heard it’s not all aspect of the project that has been completed. So, we need the private sector to come in so that they can provide the needed funds since government doesn’t have the funds now to get the place competed and put to use”.

Recall that the Hospital was built by the former governor Sen. Godswill Akpabio to cater high risk ailments in the Akwa Ibom State.

As at the time of filing this report the government is studying the proposal from the Ashdeen group.

Engr. Oliver Ebong briefed the Commissioner and the investors on the current state of the medical facility, while  explaining some points in the building. He disclosed that the structural buildings in the hospital has reached 90 percent. Upon full completion, the Specialist hospital will host a school for the training of nurses and other ancillary facilities.

The Housing and Special duties boss, Mr. Okon said the state government is determined to boost medical tourism in Nigeria through the Ibom specialist hospital.

Leader of delegation from Ashdeen group, Rev. Dr. Patrick Adeel, said his organization which is a global company that has been operating in 29 countries of the world, is interested in investing in the specialist hospital.

The investors were conducted round the  hospital in which they later inspected the Tropicana Entertainment complex at Udo udoma Avenue.

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Eight Insect Killer diseases and Preventive measures

Eight Insect Killer diseases and Preventive measures

Eight insect killer diseases are not known by so many  round the globe. In this article you will be informed of these killer diseases caused by different insects and how to prevent them. You be informed rather than watch them destroy lives.

  1. Typus fever
Body Louse
Body Louse

Typus fever is a disease that has received various names, such as prison fever, ship fever and famine fever. These names gives one an idea of the nature of the disease found among those malnourished. Those who live in crowded, unsanitary places. The disease often becomes a scourge in famine districts.

Though in most cases people bitten by louse get infected by typus fever. The disease comes on very suddenly within, not exceeding, twelve days of the time the individual was bitten by a louse which has previously bitten someone sick with typus.

  • Keep your clothes and environment clean
  • Do not sit on their beds
  • Do not share clothes with those infected
  • Always disinfect the beddings and clothings by boiling
  • Boil your drinking water always
  1. Dengue fever

Dengue fever is a disease that is spread by insect known as mosquito. The moment a person has been bitten by mosquitoes which carry the dengue virus, the disease manifest after a period of 3-6 days. The attack is usually sudden. It begins with a severe splitting headache in the frontal region of the head and back of the eyes. The eye becomes red and watery. The temperature rises rapidly reaching up to 103° to 105°F .There is no appetite and nausea and vomiting are not uncommon.

In children convulsions and delirium are common. On the third day the temperature usually falls accompanied by profuse perspiration. Also with the passage of much urine and sometimes violet diarrhea. After this, the patient feels well for a day or two, then the pains return and the temperature rises again.

A rash may appear on the arms, trunk and legs. This second rise of temperature usually last but in a short time and then returns to normal.

  • Eliminate stagnant water around you to avoid the breeding of mosquito insect.
  • Avoid mosquito bite within and outside your home. Form the habit of sleeping under mosquito treated nets.
  1. Plague
Human Flea

Plague is also known as Black Death or Bubonic Plague. It is a disease caused by the plague germ from insect known as flea.

This plague germ infects rats and other rodents and the disease producing germ is then spread from rats to man through the agency of fleas.

Plague is one of the most deadly diseases that afflict man. When it becomes epidemic in a locality it sometimes kills the inhabitants by tens of thousands.

  • Refrain from entering the locality where there are plaque patients.
  • Spraying kerosene, crude coal oil or flit on the floor of the house, base of the walls and the corners of the room.

N/B: DDT powder destroys fleas

  1. Malaria

Malaria is spread by the anopheles mosquito insect which becomes the disease carrier after biting an infected person. It requires ten days for the malaria to develop inside the mosquito, and only after this can the infection be transferred to man.

There are a number of stages through which the organism passes the last being that of Sporozoites. When the mosquito bites the individual these Sporozoites enters his body for a period of 9-12 days. During the last half period they are found in the liver, but prior to that time their where about is unknown. Thus from 9 to 12 days after the mosquito has bitten an individual, the first trace of malaria in the blood is found.

  • Drains along edge of the roof of the house should be cleaned every few weeks so that water will not collect in them.
  • Water must not be allowed to collect in old tins, jars or bamboo stumps.
  • Always sleep under mosquito treated net.
  • Always drain ponds and puddles around your environment.
  • Spray kerosene on the surface of water around your house.
  1. Kala-Azar
Sand Fly

Kala-Azar is a  tropical disease which occurs in China, Africa, South-East Asia, Southern Europe and parts of India. It’s prominent in Assam, Madras and regions along the Ganges and Brahmaputra rivers.

The disease is probably caused by the bite of a small Sand fly insect (Phlebotomus) which carries a minute protozoan parasites called Leishmania donovani. It can also be introduced by merely crushing the sand fly on the skin.

Research proves that these microscopic parasites enter the cells of the body, especially the bone marrow, liver, spleen and blood-vessels.

The disease may come on suddenly or gradually. With sudden onset there is usually high fever, preceded in some cases by chill or vomiting .

Kala-Azar fever may resemble malignant tertian malaria, lasting two to six weeks. It may come in waves suggesting undulant fever.

The name Kala-azar means “the black disease”, so named because in many cases the skin takes on a peculiar grey color, especially on the feet, hands and abdomen.

It usually last several years and white blood cells are greatly reduced, so that the patient is susceptible to infections such as bronchial pneumonia and ulcers of the mouth.

About 90% of the patients eventually die of dysentery.

  • Keep compound clean and walls in good condition.
  • Dark, moist places should be ventilated and kept dry.
  • Spray all possible breeding place with Flit Or DDT.
  • Plants should not be grown near building since plans harbor insects.
  • Animals such as ducks, chicken, cow and pigs should not be allowed under houses.
  • House and places infected cases should be segregated at least 300 yards away from uninfected persons.
  • The use of high quality net is highly encouraged.
  • Use of insect repellent ointment is required.
  1. Sleeping Sickness (Trypanosemiasis and Changa’s disease)

tsetse-flyThese diseases occur in Africa and South America. The African type is spread by the tsetse fly much like malaria is spread by the mosquito. The organism lives part of its life in the fly and the rest of its life in man. The tsetse fly becomes infected by biting an infected man. Then the infected tsetse fly bites a healthy man who contracts the disease and suffers from it for the rest of his life. So within 2 weeks after being bitten, the individual develops a regular fever, accompanied by a skin rash and a swelling of lymph nodes all over the body.

After several months it enters the sleeping sickness stage, and is very drowsy during this time. Tremors, apathy, headache, convulsion and coma indicates the advancement of the disease South America Trypanosomiasis or Chaga’s ddesease is spread by the contamination of wounds or eyes by faeces  of the ruduviid bug.

The disease germs enters the blood and attack the skeletal muscles and heart. In children it follows an acute course, resulting in characteristics such as sores eyes, swelling  of the face, anaemia and enlarged glands and spleen. The disease culminates in either meningo-encephalitis or heart failure.

  • Avoid contact with reduviid bug by keeping the surrounding clean
  • Spray or dust with DDT or Gammexane
  • In Africa, Suramin Sodium should be given intravenous or pentamidine intramuscularly under doctor’s supervision.
  1. Yaws
House Fly
House Fly

Yaws is an infection caused by an organism indistinguishable from the one that causes Syphilis. The only difference being that the disease is a tropical and not a venereal one. It is known by various names such as framboesia, pain, bouba, bejal and parangi. It gives a positive test for Syphilis and responds to the same treatment.

Yaws is found in Asia, the West Indies, South Pacific Island, equatorial Africa and South America. The transmission of this disease is believed to be affected by a certain species of fly. It is not contracted by Sexual contact.

  • Always keep your surrounding clean
  1. Filariasis

Finally, filariasis is caused by a worm which infects man, and which is transmitted by mosquitoes. In a few of the many cases that contract filariasis, the worm causes a condition to develop called Elephantiasis. It is this later complication that makes filariasis a disease to be feared.

  • It’s preventive measure is same as applied in malaria

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CANCER the known Killer Disease “Silent and Fast Killer”

CANCER the known Killer Disease “Silent and Fast Killer”

CANCER is not confined to any particular race of people, for all races are known to be affected. Even animals, birds, fish, and plant have similar growths. Cancer is more common among advanced races, in part at least.

The average life span among them is longer and cancer is predominantly a disease of old age. Cancer is more prevalent among women because of the frequency with which the breasts and uterus are affected.

Every person should know something about cancer and should undergo the necessary examinations verify the absence of cancer. It does not imply that every individual will have cancer, but cancer is a possibility that everyone must face.

It is necessary to be aware of the danger and to face it intelligently and courageously. Also it’s important to know that even the most skilled surgeons cannot help a person get well if the cancer has progressed too far before it is discovered.


A localized growth of cells produces a local swelling generally called a tumour. Not all tumours, however are cancerous. Some are harmless growths which do not spread or tend to kill. Such growths are said to be benign, while cancers are said to be malignant. A benign tumour grows expensively, that is, it grows like an apple or mango on a tree. It begins small and grows large. A cancer, on the other hand, grows evasively: that is, it sends out fine arms that break off and go to distant parts of the body and start up new growths.

cancer9When operating on a benign tumour, a surgeon can remove it as you would remove a nut from within a shell. When operating on a cancer, however, the surgeon does not know how far the fine arms have gone, for they cannot be seen. This is why cancers (tumours) should be removed(operated-on) early before they begin spreading their arms.

Although our knowledge of the laws which govern and control cell growth is notably deficient, much has been learned concerning the cause and control of cancer.

cancer12Many agents are found to be cancer-producing, such as certain chemicals derived from coal-tar. In addition to chemicals it is known that extensive exposure to X-rays, gamma rays and ultra-violet rays will also produce cancer in certain susceptible animals or individuals. Any irritant may in time produce cancer of the tongue if it has a sharp or rough edge.

It is not known why cancer acts as it does. Normal cells and cancer cells both process the properties of unlimited growth if allowed to live and grow in culture mediums outside the body. If these cells are transplanted back into the body from which they came, normal cells immediately become obedient to the laws of the body; but cancer cells continue to be outlaws.

It is not yet known precisely what produces cancer. It is believed by many, however, that cancer is a diseased-condition produced by a virus. It’s probably that cancer results from no single cause and the conditions that are responsible for it in one organ or tissue may have no relation to the factors that are responsible for it in another.

The factors which starts a cancer may be removed but the cells keep growing in disarranged pattern even though the causal factor has been eliminated. These are thought by many to be only inciting agents which if introduced into precisely the right circumstances or conditions can start disturbances within the cells and thereby alter their natural development and their relationship to neighboring cells and to the cell community. This disorganization is transmitted to succeeding generations of cells.

The heredity of the individual may be a predisposing factor toward cancer. But cancer itself is not inherited. Periodic examinations are most important especially after the age of forty.

Most cancers are insidious in onset and are therefore overlooked until well established. This is what makes them so dangerous. If discovered at an early stage cancer is usually curable. Pain is rarely an early symptom. There are, however, some symptoms which should receive prompt attention by the physician. Note especially the following:

  • A lump in the breast. Women should feel their breasts occasionally and if a lump is found, report it to a doctor.cancer11
  • A vaginal discharge, especially bleeding between periods or after the menopause.
  • Any abnormal digestive symptoms which persist especially associated with loss of weight or change in bowel habits.
  • Any sore on the lips or tongue or skin that does not heal readily
  • Rectal pain, bleeding, or obstinate constipation. These may be only symptoms of hemorrhoids but they should be investigated nevertheless.
  • Any change in a mole or wart, or birth-mark.
  • A persistent difficulty in swallowing.
  • A persistent hoarseness or cough
  • Unusual or unexplained loss of weight or anemia.
  • Presence of blood in the urine

From this list it will be evident that cancer may present a variety of symptoms, many of which are commonplace and frequently associated with conditions other than cancer. But let it be emphasized that to avoid cancer you should safeguard your health at every point. However, do not become frightened, always dwelling upon every trivial symptoms and imagining others. Intelligently investigate unusual symptoms and have a periodic examination even when you have no such symptoms.

Avoid a feeling of helplessness and a feeling of fatalism because cancer can be cured if discovered in time. The thing to do is not to say, “If it comes, it comes, and nothing can be done about it.” Instead, always be on the alert to discover anything abnormal in the body. If any physical defects appear, whether it is cancer or anything else, attention should be given to it immediately and it should not be allowed to drift along untreated. Many doctors often state that a careful yearly checkup (a thorough examination) will protect the individual against the development of cancer beyond the point of successful treatment.

In addition to the usual procedure it sometimes becomes necessary to remove a piece of tissue for examination under microscope to make an exact diagnosis. This is harmless and generally a painless operation which always should be permitted when advised by a doctor.

cancer3Cancer of the skin is one of the least dangerous forms of cancer because it is accessible to the surgeon’s knife as well as to radium treatment. Also cancer of the skin usually grows much more slowly than cancer elsewhere.

The relation between cancer of the lung and tobacco has been well established by scientific research. The facts that have been gathered are unimpeachable, and anyone who wishes to avoid one of the common causes of cancer should refrain from using tobacco in any form.

Cancer cases are considered cured if they show no recurrence within five years of the final treatment. Re-occurrence after five years are very rare, but, of course, ‘time is the essence.”

Much valuable time is often lost by consulting a competent doctor.

Unfortunately, many lives are lost each year as a result of blind faith in quacks. The ‘unconditional guarantee of a cure” by the quack sounds so much more assuring than the straight truth presented by the ethical physician that many are induced to place their lives in the hands of the former. Better go to a reputable physician or hospital and leave the nefarious methods of the quacks alone if you have any reason to suspect cancer.



NMA, Akwa Ibom State gives update on Reigners Bible Church Collapse

NMA, Akwa Ibom State gives update on Reigners Bible Church Collapse

Akwa Ibom State Nigerian Medical Association(NMA) has issued a press statement on the recent development on rescue mission of the Reigners Bible Church collapse.

The statement signed by the State NMA Chairman Dr. Aniekeme Aniefiok Uwah indicates the inventory of casualties in the University of Uyo Teaching Hospital(UUTH). The statement reads thus;



On behalf of all the Medical and Dental Practitioners under the auspices of the Nigerian Medical Association(NMA), Akwa Ibom State branch, I wish to commiserate with all the families of those who lost their loved ones during and after the collapse of the REIGNERS BIBLE CHURCH building on 10th December 2016.

I also share in the grief, pains, frustrations and suffering  of all the survivors who had incurred one form of injury or the other.

Indeed this is a very trying and difficult moment for all of us as our state has never been faced by a disaster of this magnitude with attendant huge casualties.

As patriots, we have to rise to the occasion by being our brothers’ keepers and lending a helping hand to those in need.

I therefore, wish to sincerely commend all the members of the NIGERIAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION(NMA), AKWA IBOM STATE BRANCH,for heeding the call to selfless service as expressed in the prompt and timely response that has saved so many lives.

The response team led by a past Chairman of the association, DR JOHN UDOBANG,has done a good job in ensuring that victims of this very unfortunate disaster are well catered for and treated at the various health facilities in the state.

Reports from the University of Uyo Teaching Hospital(UUTH) show that 21 people were Brought In Dead(BID) , while 2 out of the 23 that were undergoing treatment died due mainly to severe bleeding( One of the victims is reported to have been transfused with 9 pints of blood).

I also wish to express our sincere gratitude to all those who have heeded our clarion call to donate blood.More blood is still needed.The number of lives your pint of blood will save can’t be underestimated.

I also call on all the survivors who had suffered any form of trauma to report to the various health facilities for proper medical examination as blunt injuries could lead to internal bleeding and avoidable deaths.

In conclusion, I assure all the members of the public, that as a responsible and proactive association, we will not rest on our oars until all the lives of the survivors are saved and they are discharged from the hospitals back to their families.

Lastly, I pray God to grant the families of all those who lost their lives the fortitude to bear the irreparable loss.

And may the souls of the faithful departed, Rest In Perfect Peace(RIP).


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