FG scores Edo State Govt. high on re-integration efforts for Libya deportees

FG scores Edo State Govt. high on re-integration efforts from Libya deportees

The Federal government has commended Edo State Government’s efforts for its indigenes evacuated from Libya through several returnees welfare initiative.

Minister of foreign affairs Geoffrey Onyema and the Controller General of the Nigeria Immigration Service Mohammed Babandede conveyed the appreciation message to Edo State Government in Port Harcourt on Thursday.

He said that officials of Edo State task force against human trafficking which was led by the State Attorney General and Commissioner of Justice Prof. Yinka Omorogbe are always on hand to receive the over 2,000 Libya returnees from the Federal Government  Officials at different ports of entry since the commencement of the evacuation programme. Onyema noted that the response of the Edo State government to invitation from the Federal government is always prompt and urged other states to borrow a leaf from Edo State.

The Controller General of the Nigeria Immigration Service also commended
the State Government noting that Edo State has a comprehensive plan covering travelling expenses for the returnees from Lagos or Port Harcourt to Benin City, temporal housing, provision of stipends, training, land for agricultural business and a take-off capital.

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Missing submarine running low on oxygen

Missing submarine running low on oxygen

The search for a missing Argentine submarine is in a critical phase as the
crew’s oxygen supply runs low.

ARP San Juan went missing in the South Atlantic on 15 November with 44 crew on board but it only has seven days of oxygen.  It was last seen roughly 268 miles off the coast.

Meanwhile experts say the submarine knows it has to surface when it does not have communication with the land for this long.

Navy spokesman Enrique Balbi said the situation was “very dangerous”.

NASA has aided in the  search with a P-3 Orion aircraft that was in the area doing research.

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Oil producing communities in Edo ready to smile as Gov. Obaseki blast NDDC

Oil producing communities in Edo ready to smile as Gov. Obaseki blast NDDC

Oil producing communities in Edo State will soon get their fair share of development as stakeholders engaged in an enlightenment campaign in Benin City on Thursday. The oil producing communities are located in Ovia North-East, Orhionmwon and Ikpoba-Okha local government councils.

The stakeholders meeting which had in attendance the  minister of state, petroleum resources Dr. Ibe Kachikwu provided an opportunity for the oil producing communities in Edo State to table their various developmental concerns. Representatives from 3 oil producing communities located in 3 local governments in Edo State first made their presentations on key areas of developmental needs particularly on amnesty, road construction, job creation among others.

One of the representatives had this to say; “… Sir at the risk of our petition, we have been abandoned, marginalized, neglected, oppressed, under-developed and left in swallow by the multi national oil and gas prospecting companies.”

After listening to their presentations minister of state, petroleum resources Dr. Ibe Kachikwu thanked the people for their patience and peacefulness. He announced the setting up of a committee to identify developmental needs and work to address them within a specific timeline.

“… and what we are going to do at the end of this, we are setting up a committee of about  8 people. One from the government of Edo State, 3 from the oil communities, 1 from the  ministry of petroleum, 1 person from Ministry of Niger Delta, 1 person from the oil companies, 1 person from security and that will be largely led by the Edo State government.

What we will do is that, all the specifics that you’ve mentioned, whether they’re roads, whether they’re hospitals, we will throw all of that into that committee. We will give them one month within which to come out with what we will call an MOU, that MOU will state that it will guarantee peace in consideration for us being able to deliver on the things that we’ve promised.”

He said the ministry has received 7 applications from modular refineries from Edo State and 3 have made an appreciable progress on completion. On his part the minister for Niger Delta Affairs Usani Uguru Usani commended the people for their peaceful nature assuring that the federal government is working behind the scene to address some of the issues raised. He noted that the people will be updated at every step taken by the federal government in this regard.

“… making sure the peace that I have witnessed so far is sustained. Government is doing everything possible. I am sure that some of the issues that have bugged our mind are not necessarily for public discuss. On account of this we have thought of a model by which we will be interacting with a set of people within the State to be communicating to you either through the governors office or any other forum such that at any given time the people of Edo State will know what government is doing in respect to the demands that have been made.”

In reaction, governor Godwin Obaseki noted that the state governor is in support of every point raised by the communities. He said the state will do a gap analysis on development needs and expectations.

You heard them loud and clear. I tell you there is nothing that they have said that the state government is not in support of. Once we have done those gap analysis, we will then sit down and have what we can measure in that MOU. Our proposal is that we are going to sit down, for every oil producing area. We will have a gap analysis, what the situation is now and what we expect it to be in certain point in time, the next one year, two years, three years. We will cost each one …

Governor Obaseki however criticized the Niger Delta Development Commission NDDC for not living up to expectation in the state.

We can no longer accept the irresponsibility of NDDC. NDDC has almost been a curse to us in Edo State. Because on their own, they admitted that in the last 9 years, they have awarded almost 80 billion naira worth of contract and not up to 8 billion naira have been executed. Even those contracts executed have been done so shabbily and poorly. We have told them, if they do not step up, we will drive all their contractors from our sites.

He however thanked the federal government for speedily responding to those needs by setting up a committee and nominated the secretary to the Edo State Government Barr. Osarodion Ogie as chairman of the committee.

The stakeholders engagement and enlightenment in Niger Delta States is organized to sensitize and create awareness of on-going Federal government initiative in the region concerning modular refinery initiative, gas flare commercialization programme, strategic implementation
work plan and collaboration with State Government.

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Gordon Banks reacts to rumour online concerning a pronounced death

Gordon Banks reacts to rumour online concerning a pronounced death

For over 24 hours, there has been rumour making rounds concerning Gordon Banks exit from the world beyond. Here is an earlier online report by miscreants:

England international football goalkeeper, Gordon Banks has died. He died Wednesday afternoon at his home in Sheffield, England. He was 79. 

His death was confirmed by his spouse, Ursula, who said the England World Cup-winning goalkeeper battled with kidney cancer for years. “He lost one kidney to the disease 12 years ago and was on medication with the other kidney affected,” the wife said.

Meanwhile Gordon last night, has reacted over this rumour. According to the ex-international on tweeter, “Gordon is alive & well. The nasty rumour online is upsetting for the family. HE IS AT HOME AND FINE rt please.” 


Gordon Banks, OBE is a former England international football goalkeeper. He made 628 appearances during a 15-year career in the Football League, and won 73 caps for his country.

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Puerto Rico NY State Senator response to Donald Trump

Puerto Rico NY State Senator response to Donald Trump

Following the devastation left behind by Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico, so many Americans are not happy with Donald Trump’s administration.

Gustavo Rivera a state senator has openly sent a message to Donald Trump declaring his stand on the way the US President is handling highly sensitive issues. His open message reads;

My name is Gustavo Rivera, I am a state senator in the Bronx, 33rd District in the Bronx. I am born and raise in Puerto Rico. I have family who is still down there. I have many, many, Puerto Rican constituents. I want to show you something. This right here, it says; “Puerto Rico isla delencanto.” It was made for me by a senior, by the name of Wilfredo Santiago Delgado. All I can think about is that there is a senior just like him in Bayamon, where my parents are from or Comerio where they were born or other parts of island that are in need of dialysis, that needs medical attention that has not been provided to them, that have not eaten or had food, for one , two, three, four, twelve days. That’s what I think about.

I think it is disgraceful that this administration continues to show it’s complete inability to deal with such a complicated matter. The fact is that people in Puerto Rico needs assistance. They need it now . They do not need positioning. They do not need someone with such a fragile ego, worried more about whether someone is attacking him. We should worry about the Wilfred Santiagos of the world. They need help. They need assistance. They need it now.

Meanwhile hip-hop star Sean Diddy Combs has joined in the campaign for Puerto Ricans as he tweets “Our brothers and sisters in Puerto Rico need us! Let’s rise by lifting up others.” Also joining in the cry is a young lad Ryan Lawrie who in his tweets said “Gimme shelter”. 

Is Donald Trump listening to all these cries or he is busy tweeting about respecting and standing for America’s National Anthem? What is going on?

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National Orientation Agency appeals to Nigerians using hate speeches

National Orientation Agency appeals to Nigerians using hate speeches

The National Orientation Agency NOA has called on Nigerians to shun violence of any sort so as to live in peace and harmony.

This was made public by the Kaduna State branch Director NOA, Zubairu Galadima
when he observed the hate speech making rounds on social media.

According to Galadima, the appeal is to allow peace prevail in the country. He also said if it ‘s not properly checked it may result to fight, lost of  lives and properties. He went on to emphasize that people should ignore rumours and continue with their businesses without fear.

The phenomenon, if not checked is capable of degenerating into full crisis and insecurity, loss of lives and property.

People should ignore rumours and go about their businesses without fear, and all residents of the state should help discourage rumor mongering and promote peace.

He later disclosed that the agency had commenced peace building campaign and advocacy in all the 23 local government areas of the state, adding that the idea is to promote peace and patriotism.

Wow! We sincerely hope the advocacy will cut across the 36 states of the federation.

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Hurricane Irma wrecks Cuba, now on the way to Florida

Hurricane Irma wrecks Cuba, now on the way to Florida

Hurricane Irma is now wrecking more havoc than Hurricane Ivy wish recently took place in Houston.

It’s latest victims are people of Cuba and Bahamas. Already considered one the fieriest storms that have made it’s way through the Atlantic ocean.

Also categorized by forced speed upgraded on Friday to 155 miles per hour. So far over 20 people have been killed by the storm and the whole island is completely wiped out in its paths.

Cubans are doing all they can to limit personal losses. Where else could be safe at the Island?

After finishing with Cuba, the storm is heading straight to Florida. After Florida where could be next? What a mother nature!

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As part of his administration’s industrialisation drive, Governor Udom Emmanuel has disclosed that arrangements have been concluded for the establishment of tomato puree processing factory in the state.

The governor who made the disclosure while on inspection tour of food crops and vegetable green houses set up by the State Government said the tomatoes harvested from the green houses and other parts of the state will serve as raw material for the factory.

Emmanuel said his administration was embarking on various agricultural initiatives with a view to crashing food prices in the state.

According to Emmanuel, “Right now we do not want to produce for export, we want to produce for local market so that our people can eat and eat well at a very affordable price”.

He remarked that the high yielding seedlings cultivated  in the greenhouse will also create wealth for the state, adding that already, the cucumber cultivated in the facility would be ready for harvesting in September.

If you look at the quality of food we have here, every single naira invested here will be realized within a short period of time, the tomatoes were planted exactly one month ago and by September, we should be harvesting the cucumber.

“The whole idea is to transfer technology within a short period. 90 to 95 percent of people working here are Akwa Ibom people and by the time they will leave here, they should be able to set up their own farm”, Governor Emmanuel asserted.

On the cattle ranch in Adadia, in Uruan Local Government Area, Emmanuel explained that the facility, which is expected to cater for 2000 herds of cattle arriving the state from Mexico, was a fully integrated cattle farm that will produce milk, cheese, meat, hide and for various economic uses.

He remarked that the special grasses intended for feeding the cows, have been planted in about 100 hectres of land, noting that the processed  grasses will provide nutrition to the cattle, to ensure that the people got “better quality meat than what is in the market”.

The Governor added that the ranch project is one of the many agriculture-based interventions of his administration aimed at reducing unemployment for Akwa Ibom youths as well as improve the lifestyle and living conditions of the people.

“Human growth is about the lifestyle, we are interested in the lives of our people from start to finish. In other parts of the world, people no longer drink evaporated milk, they drink fresh milk, so, as a good leader, you have to be interested in what your people eat.

Leadership is about vision and creativity, this land could have laid  wasted but the ranch will provide employment  to a lot of Akwa Ibom youths. We also want to be the state that minimum of 80 percent of what we eat, is produced here”, he enthused.

Earlier, the consultant of the greenhouse project, Mr. Cobus San Carlos, stated that the greenhouse provide adequate chlorophyll to plants as well as control the external factors that may negatively affect the growth of plants. 

Cobus explained that the hydroponic system used in the greenhouses, was a cheaper way of cultivating high yielding crops which are not only nutritious but also affordable.

He applauded the state government for taking the initiative to consider the future of its people by putting modalities in place to provide well nourished and affordable food to people across the state.

By Evelyn-A. Ibanga

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Raleigh father accused of leaving his five children alone to work – update

Raleigh father accused of leaving his five children alone to work -update

You wont believe this Raleigh father was arrested for leaving his five children home alone while going out to work for money to pay for his sick wife’s medical bill.

He was later released on bail by a kindhearted stranger who saw and heard of his story.

According to ABCNews Victor King, 30 was charged with child abuse for allegedly leaving his kids, all under age 8.

King who work at a nearby Chipotle reportedly told the judge on Wednesday that his wife was recently diagnosed with stage four cancer and he had to work to support her and his children. He said he left them in the care of a neighbor, who then left the children alone.

The woman who called 911 to report that the children were home alone for a second day said she had offered King help finding a babysitter and he refused. So who pays the bill?

This must be another act of wickedness by a judge who kept King’s bail at $25,000.

A group had since donated over $7,000 to a gofundme programme to support King.

Meanwhile it has stopped receiving donations as kindhearted people have come out en mass to be part of it. See some comments posted recently;

“Why is this closed? He’ll need money for his wife’s care.”

“pls reopen this account so more like minded ppl can further donate-this Family needs a minimum of $25,000 for child care, medical expenses, & unfortunately bail. this is what it’s like living in the Deep South. this is why I’ve advocated for a National African American Bank, so far fifteen (15) yrs later, my suggestion has fallen on deaf ears. too many rich blk ppl in this Country, for this to still be happening in this unfair, unjust, & unequal society. I cannot believe this man w/a sick wife & give (5) kids is still incarcerated…”







Akwa Ibom State Governor, Mr. Udom Emmanuel has pledged  to sustain the smooth functioning of the state owned Le Meridien Ibom Hotels and Golf Resort institution in the state.

Governor Emmanuel stated this when the Head, Marriott International West Africa, Mr. Barry Corran, visited him, at Government House, Uyo.

The Governor said the proper functioning of the Ibom Hotels and Golf Resort was one of the pressing issues requiring attention by his administration to set the stage aright for the 30th anniversary creation of the state, stressing that efforts would be directed at “making the facilities to be at standard for top personalities and guests” expected during the event.

“I want to state here clearly that as government, we have done everything possible to make sure Le Meridien runs as a five star hotel. These are verifiable facts that you can actually cross-check”, the Governor added.

Emmanuel mentioned that the Le Meridien Ibom Hotels would be immensely supported to serve as an investment to the state with the hope of yielding returns, by looking at the agreements with the managers and maintained that all decisions concerning the five star hotel is taken in the best interest of the state.

He remarked that in the “win – win agreement between the state government and the managing side in the Le Meridien Ibom hotels, an assessment of business commitments for understanding would be carried out through the services of highly regarded consulting firms”, adding that the state government is “not ready to loose in the investments of the hotel”.

The Governor stated that his administration has put everything in place to ensure the effective functioning of the institution, explaining that the state government had acquired and installed a 1500KV generating set to boost electricity as well as invested in the refurbishing of the cooling system and the golf course in the hotel.

He urged people to disregard the negative and misleading reports about the hotel in the social media, as such information are being peddled by mischief makers who do not have a clear picture of the level of commitments of the government to the success of the institution.

The Head, Marriot International, West Africa, Mr. Corran, said the visit on Emmanuel was to point out on issues of mutual benefits to enable the performance of the Le Meridien Ibom Hotels to meet expected standards, expressing hope of friendly business affairs in the administration of the hotel.

Corran disclosed that the company managing the hotel, has been having series of positive meetings with the state government while appreciating efforts geared at maintaining high level of operations as expected in a hotel of that magnitude.

He noted with contentment the enthusiasm of the state government in attracting investors by ensuring proper functioning of the facilities installed at the Le Meridien Ibom Hotels and described Akwa Ibom as one of the most advanced state in the country.

By Evelyn-A. Ibanga

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