How to clear” More than one instance of Sumo is attempting to start on this page” Error

How to clear “More than one instance of Sumo is attempting to start on this page” Error

Sumo WordPress plugin is one of the greatest tool used for internet marketing.  It’s a suite of free tools that can be used to grow your website’s traffic.

The Sumo tools are easy to install and work on any website but if it is not well implement you could experience terrible output. In most cases on
your blog or website you could get a prompt of running multiple instances. This could be a very ugly situation and could drive visitors away from your blog or websites.

Here is what the error look like “More than one instance of Sumo is attempting to start on this page. Please check that you are only loading Sumo once per page.”

In trying to resolve this error on, I wrote to Sumo support team and TJ Reinhart, Senior Support Engineer gave me a guide on how to clear this horrible error. In following the instruction the error got cleared. Thanks to TJ.

In this short tutorial in case you don’t have a programming skill, you have nothing to worry about. This demonstration is specifically for a WordPress site and can be applied on any other content management systems.

So lets take a ride to solving the problem …
                                                                                                                                                      Step 1
Log into your WordPress admin panel

Step 2                                                                                                                                           Locate your installed plugins

Step 3
Open the Sumo Plugin

Step 4
Edit the Sumo Script and get rid of the duplicate script

{<script src=”//” data-sumo-site-id=”38353d00f86fb700aee0c40002108d00a3e82a009fd4880075d0d000b899b900″ async=”async”></script>}

You would notice it’s scripted twice and that’s the reason for running more than one instance of Sumo. Before deleting any line of code, first of
all do a backup by coping the entire code and saving it on a notepad.

Next, calmly delete one of the duplicated instance inside the script tag (<script …>… </script>). After that is done immediately save the edited script.

Quickly head on to your blog or website. The moment it opens do a refresh to confirm the error has been cleared. Congratulation for achieving a milestone.

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How to fix “Blue Screen of Death” on Windows Operating System

How to fix “Blue Screen of Death” on Windows Operating System

People often experience blue screen of death due to so many reasons like malfunctioned hardware, bad boot sector or shutting down a computer abruptly.

One of these three which could be provocative is shutting down a computer or laptop abruptly while windows update is on-going. Recently a colleague of mine was about to leave the office at the close of work while windows update was on-going. Due to lack of patience, she turned off the computer without following computer shutdown procedure. To her greatest dismay she came to work the next day and tried booting her computer. What she saw was a “blue screen of death” meaning her operating system had crashed. In a bid to solving her problem all option proved abortive.

This should sound as a note of warning to any computer user using windows operating system; Never turn off your computer when windows update is on-going. You may not be able to accomplish the repair process.

Here are the steps on how to fix the blue screen of death:

Step 1
Turn on the Computer device, If it’s HP computer, press down the Function Key F8 and hold till it shows up the window below “Advanced Boot Options“;  

Step 2
Use the down arrow key or up arrow key to highlight Repair, then hit ‘Enter‘ key to select ‘Repair‘. Wait for windows to finish loading files. Hit the next command button on “System Recovery Options” dialog as displayed on the screenshot below.     












Step 3

Select “Startup Repair” to start the repair process as displayed below;



Step 4

Allow the operating system to repair itself. The moment the process is complete, click on the ‘Finish’ command button for the computer to reboot itself. After these steps, the operating system shows up the normal windows login screen. This means that you are good to go as the “Blue Screen of Death” is eliminated.

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Sleep Mode is deactivated on Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10

Sleep Mode is deactivated on Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10

Whenever the Sleep mode on a laptop is deactivated or it’s grey in color instead of black in color like ‘switch user’, ‘logoff’, ‘lock’, ‘restart’ and ‘hibernate’ one begins to worry.

This happens when a fresh installation is done on a Laptop or computer. I once had an experience when a fresh windows installation was done a laptop. Every driver was properly installed but to my greatest surprise, the sleep mode was inactive meaning something was wrong. I spent hours visiting so many forums for solution and yet could not find one. I then puzzled to stumble on the solution.

Whenever this is experienced, you simply have one solution to the problem.

Before you begin be sure your laptop is connected to the internet.

Step 1
Locate the Device Manager by left-clicking on ‘Manage‘ after right-clicking on ‘Computer’. 








Step 2:                                                                                                                                      Locate the graphics card of your laptop on the right pane of the Computer Management Console. As in my case it’s Intel(R) HD Graphics 4600″.                                                                                                       








Step 3
Right-Click on your graphics card Intel(R) HD Graphics 4600″ then click on ‘Update Driver Software…‘ to start updating the graphics card driver.

Note: As soon as the driver software finish updating, it installs the driver to overwrite the previous driver of the graphics card. 




Step 4                                                                                                                           Restart the laptop the moment the driver has completed the installation. As your computer reboots, you will now see an active sleep mode.

Congratulation for achieving the desired result.

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Get to know just one reason your Mobile Phone reboots itself continuously

Get to know just one reason your Mobile Phone reboots itself continuously

So many mobile phone users experience irritant rebooting of mobile phones ranging from android to iOS and to other operating systems.

A lot times when this mishap takes place we immediately run to mobile phone repairers, mobile phone vendors and even quacks.

Meanwhile when we visit phone repairers to lodge a complain that “my phone keeps rebooting itself without any touch on the button or response to a command prompt”. The phone repairer smiles because he has already seen a foolish end-user. He simply takes the advantage of extorting money from the foolish phone user.

However, the truth is that nothing is absolutely wrong with the device (mobile phone). It simply ran out of memory space.

Here is how to go about solving the problem;

Step 1.

Turn off the phone and remove the memory card if you can locate it.




Step 2

Get a computer up and running, locate a memory card adapter for the memory card, it could be in SD or USB. Insert the memory card into the memory card adapter and insert it into the SD Card slot of your computer.

In case your adapter is attached to a USB, insert the USB cable into the USB port of your computer.

Step 3

Delete unwanted files in these formats; (.mpeg, .pdf, .doc, .mp3, .mov, .3gp, .xlsx etc.) or programs from the memory card.

Step 4

The moment you are through, insert the memory card back into the phone and power on the phone. You will be surprised the phone will stop rebooting itself. After all said and done, uninstall unwanted programs from your phone to create more space in the phone. It’s that simply.

Congratulations! Post a comment if it was really helpful.

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Tutorial9: How to create ISO image using UltraISO application

Tutorial9: How to create ISO image using UltraISO application

An ISO image is an archive file of an optical disc. It is also a duplicate image of files and optical disc produced as a soft copy.

Lots of times I have lost very sensitive materials which cost me some dollar, especially resource materials bought online. Probably because I never knew how to make or create an ISO image. If I could recall a painful incidence that occurred when I cracked a disc containing “guitar video tutorials” purchased online with so much money. The feeling was horrible!

It wont be a surprise where even some high tech IT gigs loose sensitive data stored in their optical disc. As an IT professional, I would advice you do yourself good by creating an ISO image if you have sensitive programs stored in an optical disc.

In this short tutorial, an ISO image will be produced using UltraISO, though there are other ISO applications out there. I assume you already have the UltraISO program installed on your computers.

Step 1:
Insert the optical disc containing the images to be copied or backed up.

Step 2:

Locate the image drive label. In my case the image is located in Drive(F:)




Step 3:

Right click on Drive (F:). Once a dialog appears, move the pointer to UltraISO. The moment a drop down pops up as displayed below, click on Create CD/DVD image…









Step 4:

Finally a dialog pops up. Give the image a duplicate name. In this tutorial, I will be creating an image file for TP-Link usb adapter drivers “TPLINK_drivers“. After giving the ISO image a file name, click on “Save” command button.

Congratulation! You have just succeeded in creating an ISO image using UltraISO application program. I hope this was informative.

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Tutorial8: How to save your internet data while using WhatsApp

Tutorial8: How to save your internet data while using WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a cross-platform instant messaging application that allows iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Phone and Nokia smartphone users to exchange text, image, video and audio messages for free.

So many android users gets irritated most times when unsolicited messages in various formats are sent to their phones. The truth is that, you can not stop receiving unsolicited messages, pictures or video files. This is because you never can tell when the useful information gets across to you.

Moreso a lot people gets really angry because their data is unnecessarily absorbed due to large volume of data that goes with it.

Well the solution to solving this problem will be illustration in Tutorial8 which will be a step-by-step approach to doing it yourself.

Step 1

Locate the WhatsApp application on your android device and open the application as shown.

Step 2:

Navigate to the top right corner and tap on the drop down with three dots. You will see a display of News group, New broadcast, WhatsApp Web, Starred messages, Status and Settings.

Step 3:

Tap on Settings to get to another interface where you can find Account, Chats, Notifications, Data usage, Contacts and “About and help”.

Step 4:

Next, tap on Data usage to get into another interface where you can find “When using mobile data”, “When connected on Wi-Fi”, “When roaming”.  

Step 5:

After viewing the Data usage interface, tap on “When using mobile data” or “When connected on Wi-Fi” . In case you are using any mobile network like Airtel, MTN, Etisalat or Glo tap on When using mobile data” to proceed.

In this tutorial, “When using mobile data will be taken into consideration. This will enable you to manage data usage. In this case the check boxes of Photos, Audio, Videos, and Documents are all checked.

Step 6:

Please note that when all these check boxes are checked, you will end up absorbing all data on your phone. To be sure not to run into such mishap it will be right to have unchecked boxes.


Finally,  manually select Audio, Videos or Documents as this will be the best option to save your data and tap on OK to end the Tutorial8.

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Tutorial #4: Hacking Tricks Exposed -Unique Cookie That Steals Data or Information

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