Greatest calamity that befell Africa in the last 20 years

Greatest calamity that befell Africa in the last 20 years

Femi Fani-Kayode also known as FFK is at it again with the greatest calamity that befell Africa in the last 20 years.

In his latest tweet he described the calamity that befell Africa using Libya and Nigeria as case study but forgetting Uganda – Indiami. Fani-Kayode’s thoughts would definitely come as a shock. Is he another prophet of his generation? How sure is he? Read the tweet;

“The greatest calamity that befell Africa in the last 20 years was the murder of Muammar Ghadaffi in Libya.” 

“The second was the coming to power of Muhammadu Buhari in Nigeria.”

“The full implications of these 2 tragic, monumental and cataclysmic events are yet to be seen.”

Interestingly people’s comments kept creeping in like whirlwind. This time around the missiles came in with so much force. Here are people’s opinion on FFK’s post;

“These two are nothing compared to the calamity of Jonathan at the helm of affairs in Nigeria, ill advised, and surrounded by sycophants like your royal highness for at least 4 years.”

Here on this tweet FFK is described as one of the sycophants that surrounded the former President of Nigeria, Goodluck Jonathan.

“You cannot separate FFK from the wrath my brother. He was part of the GEJ misadventure.” 

“Just when I was starting to praise you for ur last Tweet, u just spoil everything with this one 🙍 FFK don fk”  

“The greatest anger of all angers awaits u the day Buhari’s 2nd coming to power will be televised,aired & posted for you to watch,hear & read.” 

“How is Buhari coming to power in Nigeria a calamity…well u have a point sir, since u are the looters of our resources and PMB is anti corruption crusader. His coming to power to power is nothing but an headache to u bloody LOTEERS.Awon Ole” 

Meanwhile, some quarters have described FFK’s ideas as loads of old rubbish. One can’t imagine what he could be thinking right now.

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