Market woman tells Osinbajo “No more order from above”


Market woman tells Osinbajo “No more order from above”

The Nigeria Vice President Yemi Osinbajo payed a surprise visit to Ikenne Market in Ogun State on his way to Reverend Adebajo’s 75th birthday event yesterday.

Few hours later, the vice president twitted; “Today, I made a surprise stop at Ikenne market, Ogun State after attending Reverend Adebajo’s 75th birthday event. The market is to be reconstructed.” Which means, it’s a clear confirmation, the market will be reconstructed. 

It is no longer news in Nigeria where markets are built and reallocated based on “man-know-man”. Instead of reallocating the shops and spaces to the original owners, government officials, the high and mighty use their political influence to reallocate the shops to their family members and themselves. In this scenario the rich gets richer every day as this is  the practice in almost all states of the federation.

Interestingly Osinbajo presence was a remarkable one where he was able to interact with the market women one on one. It came as a surprise to so many people who saw the scene when a market woman forced herself through a crowd to express displeasure on how markets are reconstructed and reallocated by government officials with bias.

The old woman unleashed all that bothered her but the one most striking was “Order from above, we don’t want to hear that from this state…” she insisted with all amount of seriousness.  After the market has been reconstructed, it should be allocated back to the initial owners.

In reaction to the tweet by the vice president,  he however received encomiums from followers such as;

“True leaders must connect to the people and a surprise stop is the best way to do! Lucky Ikenne Market! Congrats “

“How many of our leaders can stand in public like this among the citizen without full armor body guard??”

“This is wonderful gesture. This is what governments should represent Going to the most affected ones Talking to the needs Thanks you talk to them hopefully you put their pains into consideration is another thing.”

Hmm! If only leaders would connect with the less privilege in the society, the world would be perceived to be a better place for everyone.

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