NiceHash reaffirms its commitment to miners after hacking attack


NiceHash reaffirms its commitment to miners after hacking attack

NiceHash has informed its customers of its commitment to serving them better following the recent attack it experienced few days ago where huge sums of bitcoin were stolen by cyber criminals.

In bid to restoring full operation NiceHash announced on its website, “Service coming back soon!”

Recall it initially announced to its customers and miners it will resume operation in 24 hours which was never actualized. It ended up throwing miners using the service off balance. In other to restore confidence NiceHash has put up another public notice, it states; “Although we initially stopped the service for 24 hours. It turned out we require more time. Good news is that we are in the final stages of a rebuilding NiceHash into the most robust and secure marketplace for hashing power.”

It has also informed the public that it wants to start earning money again as soon as possible and it’s taking all necessary steps to re-establish its systems with the highest possible levels of security to contain and defeat any possible future attacks. Hmm! no matter how harden a system is, the bad guys will always find an exploit.

Consequently, the big time marketplace will be giving away bitcoin(BTC) rewards for the best information received concerning the attack by hackers.

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