Tyson Fury furious over David Price comments on social media

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Tyson Fury furious over David Price comments on social media

Recently stories have been making rounds on social media concerning the return of Tyson Fury but before his comeback to the big stage he would have to get clearance from the World Boxing Federation WBF.

Though lately he has been having some interesting contenders and the one presently hitting the air waves is no other than David Price his old rival.

According to Wikipedia, David Price (born 6 July 1983) is a British professional boxer. He held the British, English, and Commonwealth heavyweight titles between 2012 and 2013, and was one of the division’s top-rated prospects in the early 2010. As an amateur he won a bronze medal at the 2008 Olympics, gold at the 2006 Commonwealth Games, and three ABA titles; all in the super-heavyweight division.

On Thursday November 16. 2017 David posting and bursting on Twitter that he is the only English man who has beaten Tyson Fury. See his post;

“Tyson I’m the last (and only) Englishman to beat you! I know deep down you still want revenge. Now if you don’t mind I’m fitting an en suite.”

In response, Tyson asked “Who would still like to see me vs my oldest rival @DavidPrice_1 the Big stiff plumber.” Hmm! Tyson describes David as “the Big stiff plumber.” Is he really a big stiff plumber?

Even at a point Tyson Fury became furious after a thought of David’s comment. Read his response;

“Yes big pricy u were my only real loss in my career Amateur or professional.”

Tyson Fury added “Would love to put it right if I could, Like I said I’m the past they will need 10 plumbers to fix u when I’m done with u.” It’s sounds quite easy. Right?

David Price had to talk back. Here is what he said; “let’s do it. ‘Easy’ one back for you. Massive opportunity for me and anything could happen” 

Apparently, many enthusiasts around the world will be looking forward to see the big show down, if it ever happens.


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